Rosie Rocks

Friday, July 02, 2004


I'm really bored coz my m8s hav all gone 2 Belgium & i'm here all by myself.
2 ne of my m8s dat r readin' dis i wanna say I MISS U ALL LOADS & CAN'T WAIT TILL U COME BACK!!!!!!!!!! Hope ya all havin' a good time XX-I LUV YA ALL-XX

Wednesday, June 30, 2004

I'm in a maths lesson.................& about to get caught

Hey ppl
I'm in a maths lesson right now & if i get caught i'll b in trouble but guess wot............I DON'T CARE. My maths teacher is called MR Miles & HE IS DA BIGGEST PRICK IN DA UNIVERSE. Wen he talks his lips & eyes go all spasticated.
Ne Way gotta go coz if i don't do ne work i'll b in trouble & i've got betta things 2 do dan b in a detention wiv him.
Last time my m8 woz in detention wiv him his dick got a mind of it's own & decided it wanted to stretch.

Sunday, June 27, 2004

I'm bored

I am really bored. I slept round my m8s last nite & didn't get 2 sleep till 3 in da mornin' & I woke up at 8. If i haven't had enough sleep den i can't b bothered 2 do nethin' in da day. Does ne1 else no wot i mean? Ne way hi 2 all dat no me & i hope ur day's been better dan mine.


Saturday, June 26, 2004

Hey 2 ne of my m8s readin' dis

Hey guys u no who u r.
Sarah - i can't believe u told da world wot u do (shoplift)
Lisa - New Look & Tammy is all i can say
Carla - if i was u i wud stay very still coz ur 'arthritis' might play up
Louise - U wait till we nxt go 2 da park i'm gonna drench u (revenge is sweet)
Emily - Wot can i say ur blonde i'll start dat campagain against blonde jokes wiv ya

I Luv.....................